Tomas Skoda vizitka

Tomáš Škoda

My friend, talented photographer Tomas Skoda, needed to blow some fresh air into the visual design of his brand.

When we saw last time I noticed some new tattoo on his arm representing the shutter of a camera. I know he was born to be do this so it doesn’t seem to be cliché to me to use this motive for the logo as well.

Tomas' style of taking photos is very clean and he can play with space like a master so our styles of work matched quite well. I created clean design with lines representing the shutter which can be transformed into various colours depending on the circumstances of its use.

I pushed him to use some less common shape or dimension of his business card so we agreed on the vertical version of classic card.

I also created different styles of logo with colourful variations for miscellaneous use e.g. invitations to exposition or voucher.

  • Graphic design – Business cards