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Plackohraní is a smart fun for children where they can design and produce their own buttons with a button maker under a supervision of a lector. Lector, my client, visits basic schools and kindergartens. He needs a working website providing all important information regarding this service.

My role in this project was to redesign a website. I involved target group users in usability testings and created new wireframes of the web based upon that and finalized it with graphic design.

The problem

The website is boring. Navigation is confusing. Users don't understand complicated pricing options.


The main goal was to redesign the site to bring clear information to website's target group (basic school teachers) so they would understand the pricing model and delivery system.
A secondary goal was to match graphic style of the website with target group visual taste.


Research-->Usability testing-->Information gathering and analysis-->Lo-fi wireframes of website structure-->Hi-fi visual design

Research–Online research regarding websites teachers are visiting, services for teachers, Facebook ads and offers.

Usability testing–Real life discussions with 3 target group users (basic school teachers) with discussion over the old website; 5sec test; 3 tasks on the website to prove how they understand the flow given on the old website.

Information gathering and analysis–Gathering information from 3 real life usability testings and clustering found issues. Identification of the “painful parts” of the website, the weaknesses, and strengths.

Lo-fi wireframes–Gaining the teachers' point of view helps me to set the structure of the website to new order and point out important information so they are easily discoverable and understandable (copy included by me).

Hi-fi visual design–Thanks to the feedback of teachers I understood a visual vibe the website should be–fun and playful. Teachers are surrounded by kids all day long so this is a safe place for them.

My insights

Discussions with users over the website are so underestimated. I was extremely excited to write down all the interesting notes from users and was slapping my forehead (“How could we have it like this as no one understands?”) and couldn't wait to translate it into a new design.

Also it is always great to apply the best practises you learned–you find out the visual taste of the teachers but you still want to keep it not too childish, after all, it is a website for adult people, not for kids, so although teachers don't mind Comic Sans, you are definitely not forced to give it to them.

Even though my main part of the project was UX/UI of the website, I learned that building a business website that should be some kind of generating money needs marketing as hell. Promoting and social media as a must (teachers are on social media a lot). So, after all, it is not just a pretty interface and good UX but when your Google discoverability is zero, it is way more difficult. It is a complex area and I tend to point this out to clients as soon as possible that building a brand is not just having a pretty website.

The time put into this projects was definitely worth it, although estimated time I set for this project went pretty much over the top (usability testing and analysis take time, yes!). Next time I will make more realistic time estimates and will try to finish the projects with another round of usability testings proving my design decisions (for this project, unfortunately, the budget was low, but I am currently trying to reach some teachers and finish it so that the project really reaches the finish line–at least for me).

You can check the project here (only in czech): www.plackohrani.cz

  • UX, UI Design, Research, Copywriting