Thai Massage Studio Jinothai

Everything should be balanced. Thai massage is not an usual massage. It is a mix of physical and mental energies going through your body and mind and after hour and half you become a new person.

Jinothai is newly created studio of thai massages based in Brno (CZE). The founder, lovely Radka, travelled the world to understand what it takes to give a perfect massage and understood that it is not only a matter of physicality but also a matter of energies in ourselves.

The logo symbolises infinity (nothing ends energies never die) with lotus flower emphasising attention to purity, lightweight of life and beauty of our souls.

Gold is a color of Sun and oriental allurements and dark brown calms your soul and helps you to relax.

The name Jinothai hides not only “thai” but also “jin” which describes two simultaneously opposite and complementary forces – you are in harmony.

  • Branding (logo, manual of visual communication, business cards, leaflets, banners), Website (UX, UI, partially Front-end coding