I call myself a fusion of graphic designer, UX/UI designer, and photographer. Currently I am Brno based (CZE), partially employed and partially freelance. I like the diversity!

In past I started to take photos just for fun and soon I realised it might be the way how to spend my time, stay creative, and meet interesting people. Later on I continued with experiments with graphics which finally led me to passion I stuck to - design. As a freelancer I am experienced communicator and I honor specific needs of my clients (as well as deadlines). On the other hand, as a contracted employee in a team of IT engineers and developers I easily follow company terminologies, rules, and structure.

In my works I go for connection of human-centred usability design with beautiful visuals. I like it simple and search for the line when it is not too much but also not too little.There is so much more to learn for myself - I will be more than happy to continue exploring, being constantly inspired, and to accept various challenges.

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